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Practicing in all courts in California, Ms. Lockhart's Northern California-based firm is ready to help you enforce your civil rights. Amanda focuses solely on cases under the Americans with Disabilities Act or the Fair Housing Act.



The Americans with Disabilities Act is nearly thirty years old, yet many businesses still operate outside its requirements. And now, legislators are looking to scale back the ADA's protections - even though so many businesses have never become compliant. Now, more than ever, the disabled community needs an advocate. The disabled community must remain strong and fight for its rights. Any business open to the public must be accessible. This is the law. If you have encountered architectural barriers to access at a business or public accommodation, you have a right to demand access.

Just as disabled persons are protected while participating in public life, they also enjoy rights with respect to fair housing. Lessors, HOAs, and other housing providers must provide a reasonable accommodation upon request.



Ms. Lockhart has dedicated her entire law career to securing the rights of the disabled. She has worked with and learned from some of the most well-know names in the practice area. Ms. Lockhart has handled cases in California state court, all four of California's federal jurisdictions, and has worked on Ninth Circuit appeals.


If you have been unable to fully access any business or public accommodation or have been denied a reasonable housing request, then the law provides several remedies for you. You may be entitled to money damages as well as a requirement that the business or housing in question become compliant with the applicable federal laws. Ms. Lockhart has helped disabled people gain access to hundreds of businesses and she can help you.


Let Amanda be the solution for your legal representation needs. Secure your rights. There is no fee for representation.*


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*The ADA and FHA provide for a prevailing plaintiff's attorney's fees to be paid by the defendant(s).

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